Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing in the Summer

Keeping your business or office clean is usually a top priority on the inside, but most people don’t think about the outside. Beyond just picking up litter, sweeping the sidewalk and mowing the grass, there’s a whole lot more going on that can affect your business.

The summer months are usually warm and dusty. Dirt actually builds up relatively quickly on buildings, sidewalks, fixtures and parking lots. You may not even realize it because you see your building every day, but the amount of dirt that builds up is quite impressive.

Most businesses may hire a window washer or street sweeper, but the amount of dirt and grime that’s ground in will really surprise you. When you power wash your building, surrounding fixtures and walkways, they’ll become vibrant again, just like the day you had them built or installed.

Customers and employees love a clean workplace. It shows that you take pride in your business, and care enough about it to keep it sparkling. Doing this in the summer will prevent the vehicle exhaust buildup on street side properties, and the gross sidewalk buildup that naturally occurs with use.

Dirt and grime also considerably contribute to wear and tear. You wouldn’t go a year without washing your car – and a commercial building is no different. It’s your first impression.

Just like you wouldn’t leave a mess lying around your boardroom or showroom, why leave a mess lying around outside? Remember, you see the building every day. Your customers and clients don’t. They don’t remember how great it looked when it first went up, they only see it today.

At Sparkle Window Cleaning, we’ll power wash away the buildup that’s occurred over the year and help you put your best foot forward.

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