Choose the Right Commercial Window Cleaning Company

It’s not very often we think about the companies that clean our windows. After all, it’s just window cleaning, right? How much could possibly go wrong? It turns out, quite a bit. That’s why Sparkle Window Cleaning offers an extensive employee training program and carries complete insurance to protect our clients.

Choosing the right commercial window cleaning company will not only help you get the job done right, but it’ll help prevent some major problems.

Ask for Insurance

This is the number one requirement for a commercial window cleaning company. Sure, anyone with a bucket of water could clean windows, but what happens if that bucket spills and someone slips? What if the window breaks while customers are around? If they’re working higher up on the exterior, it creates all kinds of hazards.

If they don’t have adequate insurance, you could be on the hook for a lot more than just a repair bill.

Working Up High

Washing exterior windows requires more than just tackling a fear of heights. A quality commercial window cleaning company trains their employees and ensures they have their “Fall Arrest” certification. Having properly certified employees means they can deal with any situation that may arise while dangling from above.

Proper preparation is the best way to prevent an accident.

Experience Matters

The barrier to entry can be low for window cleaners if they don’t follow the rules. This means companies can start up one day without the proper training, expertise, or insurance – and close down the next. This can leave you disappointed, and even liable. Check out how long a company has been in business to ensure you’re getting a reputable company.

Educate Yourself

Just like you’re doing now, read up on these companies. Check out their websites. Make sure they pass the test. If they don’t present a professional appearance, how can you expect them to deliver one for your building? Does their offer sound too good to be true? It probably is.

At Sparkle Window Cleaning, we not only meet the above requirements, we exceed them. It’s what makes Sparkle Window Cleaning the number one choice for commercial window cleaning services.

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