Cleaning your Windows in the Winter

It may sound a little crazy to clean your windows in winter, but tis the season when you’ll want to clean them the most! It’s no secret that windows get dirtier in winter. Combined with fewer hours of sunlight, dirty windows in winter can lead to a dim and dreary business location.

The good news is that cleaning windows in the winter isn’t actually that difficult. With a little prep work and the right cleaning agent, it won’t take you any more time than it does in the spring or fall.

Prepare to Clean Your Windows

First thing you’re going to want to do is choose an overcast day for winter window cleaning. Less direct sunlight will help keep the streaks down. The fewer the streaks, the cleaner your windows will look.

The second thing you’ll want to do is to dust the window and sills before applying any type of cleaner. The dust will just create visible streaks and your window will take twice as much effort to clean.

The Right Mixture

Window cleaning in winter requires more than just water. Water freezes – and if you live in an area where it’s regularly below zero, you’ll just end up with frozen windows.

The good news is that winter window cleaning fluid already exists – in car windshield washing fluid.

You’re not going to want to apply full-strength fluid to your windows. You’ll want to keep it to two-parts washer fluid, and one-part water for the best results.

Application and Clean Up

Put your mixed solution into an old spray bottle. It makes it much easier to apply. Just like your car, you’ll want to use the same procedure on your windows:

  • Apply an even mixture of cleaning solution across the window.
  • “Wash” the window with a microfiber cloth (or use the sponge end of a car window squeegee.)
  • Squeegee your windows from top to bottom, just like you would your windshield.

This will remove the most dirt and leave your window perfectly clear!

Of course, you can always call the pros for an even easier job. At Sparkle Window Cleaning, we handle every type of building – in every season. We don’t mind the cold!

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