How Often Should You Have Your Windows Cleaned?

Putting together a schedule for having your windows cleaned can be a hard thing to do. Windows aren’t often clean one day, and dirty the next. Usually it creeps up on you over time – and only when you clean them, do you realize how dirty they actually were!

For businesses, clean windows can matter more than you think. Whether it’s to let natural light in to showcase your product, or to give restaurant patrons a view, windows are vital to a business.

How often you need to clean your windows depends on quite a few factors. The climate you live in, how close you are to a highway, what part of town you’re in – it all matters.

What Type of Building Do You Have?

Depending your building type, and the type of business you’re in, your cleaning schedule will vary.

A general guideline for most retail buildings is that you should aim to clean once a month. This is for street level buildings, without any special requirements. Of course, you can do it more often if your windows are dirty. In retail, first impressions matter.

Restaurants and coffee shops are a little different. Due to the moisture from the kitchens and coffee bar, you’ll want to clean every couple of weeks to prevent any build up.

What About Office Buildings?

Office buildings are a different beast. It’s just not feasible to clean quite as regularly, so twice a year is the generally accepted rule.

The lobby area should continue to be done once a month. It’s usually a focal point, and much easier to access.

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