Spring Time Window Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Time is Here

That means it’s spring cleaning time. Your windows could probably use some cleaning. Just because they’re billed as “maintenance-free”, it doesn’t mean that they don’t accumulate birdie poo, dirt, dust, mold, and pollution. Most windows (especially on commercial buildings) are very resilient, but you still need to clean them once yearly.

If you leave your windows open during the summer, then even more stuff can get right inside there. Spring cleaning is a good idea because you never know what kind of crud is stuck in there.

Fine dirt and dust can wreak havoc. Scratched parts, broken hardware, and damaged seals can happen when someone tries to force a window open or shut.

First, you need to clean the inside of the window frame where the window opens, and then you have to clean the window surface. That is much easier.


Commercial Window Cleaning Tips

Basic setups work best, try the following:

  • A bucket of hot water
  • A tiny bit of dishwashing liquid
  • Cotton cloth
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Hand vac


Open the casement, tilt and turn it a little, and crank out the window. Remover the bug screen if you’ve got one on there. Use the soft brush to loosen up anything stuck in the sash or channel. Then, vacuum out the crud that’s in there.

Next, use a wet cloth and wipe the channel until you’ve gotten out all the mud or dirt. Don’t forget to get at the hinges under swinging windows. Make sure to lubricate them afterwards.

Clean all the way around the frame. If you can, take out the window. It might be difficult to get at the hinges, but any parts you touch need to be cleaned. It sounds tedious, but it can reduce your energy bill. Trust me, the extra effort is worth it.


What About Stains and Mold on Windows?

No one likes stains or molds. Molds can be very dangerous. If there are stains or molds, do your very best to gently rub it with vinegar. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can opt for al little bleach (one part to four parts water) to get them out. Don’t scrub with anything too harsh or abrasive because you could scratch the surface of the window. That’d be a ruined investment!

To clean them well, use a vinegar and water solution with a soft cotton cloth. Don’t press too hard on the window surface, because it could damage the seal. Seals are pretty tough, but putting a lot of pressure on them isn’t a good idea.

Remember to clean the track of your sliding patio doors as well. If they’re not sliding smoothly, there could be dirt in the rollers.

Once that’s out of the way, you can grab a new cloth or sponge and wipe the window surface with Windex or water and vinegar. Steer clear of that dirty water from the bucket.

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